Process for making a wall with a porous element for component cooling

Número de publicación: 20140342175A1
Tipo de publicación: Solicitud
Fecha de publicación: 20 nov 2014
Inventores: Morrison, Jay A. (Cocoa, FL, US); Snider, Raymond G. (Orlando, FL, US);James, Allister W. (Chuluota, FL, US)
Cesionario original:

A structural layer (30) may be bi-cast onto ligaments (62) extending from a porous cooling construction (20). The material of the structural layer may be optimized for high-temperature strength, while the material of the porous construction may be optimized for high thermal conductivity. A fugitive material (56) such as wax may be formed on the ligaments of the porous construction. A second fugitive material (58) such as ceramic may fill the remaining part of the porous construction. An investment casting shell (60) may be disposed around the porous construction and the fugitive materials. The first fugitive material may then be replaced with the material of the structural layer (30), and the second fugitive material may be removed to provide coolant paths (26). A second structural layer (52) may be bi-cast onto further ligaments (62) on a second side of the porous construction

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