A process for making a ceramic tile, in which the waste is colour separated and reused

Número de publicación: PL2248782 (T3)
Fecha de publicación: 31 de julio de 2017

Solicitante: PORCELANOSA S A 


Tile manufacturing procedure comprising the stages of dosing (1), grinding (2), sieving (3), homogenization (4), atomization (5), optional colouring (11) with colouring oxides, pressing (7), drying (8) and enameling (9), which re-uses the residue from the white crude atomized and coloured crude atomized from waste and rejected products of the production line of conventional pressing (7), drying (8) and enameling (9), called white crude ceramic scrap and colored crude ceramic scrap, respectively, by incorporating in the manufacturing process a separation stage (16) which enables to completely separate the white crude ceramic scrap from the colored crude ceramic scrap, in two independent production lines, one for the white crude ceramic scrap (19) and another one for the colored crude ceramic scrap (20), for its later incorporation, independently, to the tile manufacturing process in the atomization stage (5), generating second generation atomized powder.

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