Process for manufacturing tiles containing decorations constituted by crystallised organic and inorganic elements

N. de publicación: US2005263942 A1

The process comprises insertion of an element in tiles by cementing, the element being obtained by sinking organic or inorganic objects into a transparent matrix made using polyester trivalent, acrylic, or epoxy resin, and a subsequent hermetic crystallization of the organic or inorganic element in the transparent matrix. The system for fixing the element in the tile can be done using a paper lattice and glass fibre with silicone glue or hot-gluing done on the back of the tile, or by simple cementing between the lateral surface the transparent element and the lateral surface of the recess made in the tile. The fixture can comprise a further stage of decorative and fixture-coating on the visible side of the tile. The invention can be applied on coloured two-faces tiles so that the insert, thanks to the fact that it is transparent, can be visible on both sides.

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