Production of porous aluminosilicate ceramic using industrial wastes

Autores: Bogomazova, E.V.|Kalinichenko, B.B.|Kostyukov, N.S.|Shchekina, G.B.|Makeeva, T.B.
Fuente: Glass Ceram.
68(7-8), 224-226

The consumable absorber method is use to obtain porous ceramic based on kaolin, talc, and quartz-feldspar raw materials from Amur Oblast. Wastes from rubber mechanicals, crop grains, and woodworking were used as a pore-forming additive. The following were determined for the samples obtained: the open porosity, water absorption, specific surface area, compression strength, and water permeability. The apparent density, total and closed porosity, specific volume of the pores, and the elastic modulus were calculated.

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