Recent developments in micro ceramic injection molding

Autores: Piotter, V.|Beck, M.B.|Ritzhaupt-Kleissl, H.J.|Ruh, A.|Hausselt, J.
Fuente: International journal of materials research
99 (10), 1157-1162

Effective material application and miniaturization, both indispensable to modern product development and production. demand enhanced manufacturing processes Suitable for both micro devices and economic series production. For micro parts made of polymeric materials, micro injection molding represents such a method and has already reached an industrially viable status. For manufacturing of ceramic products micro powder injection molding is a promising option because it combines the possibility of large-scale series production with a wide range of materials. thus possessing a considerable economic potential. An enhanced variant, micro two-component injection molding enables. for example, the fabrication of micro components consisting, of two ceramic materials with different physical properties and, futhermore, significantly minimizes mounting expenduture.

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