Recycling of waste porcelain for ceramic ware

Autores: SDong Seok Seo|Hyun Geun Han|Kyu Hong Hwang|Jong Kook Lee
Fuente: J. ceram. process. res.
11 (4), 448-452

Recycling of waste porcelain body is important and useful from an environmental and economic point of views. In this study, recycled ceramic raw material was obtained by crushing and milling from waste porcelain bodies. Using the recycled powder with a particle size of 0.5-2.0 µm, a porcelain ceramic batch composition was prepared by mixing 100-50 wt% of normal ceramic raw materials and 0-50 wt% of the recycled powder. Sintering properties of the porcelain ceramics at sintering temperatures of 1150-1350 oC were investigated. The porcelain body with 10 wt% of the recycled powder sintered at 1200 oC showed the highest sintered density of 2.5 g/cm3. When sintered above 1300 oC, many cracks and pores were observed in the porcelain body due to over sintering and preferential shrinkage of the glassy phase during cooling

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