Refractory mortar cured material

N. de publicación: US2009169848

The refractory mortar cured material of the invention formed in the surface or joint portions of a ceramic refractory material such as fire bricks used in the lining of melting furnace or firing furnace used at high temperature is composed by kneading ceramic particles with an inorganic binder having silanol group together with water, and forming the kneaded mortar on the surface of a ceramic base material. The average particle size of ceramic particles in the refractory mortar is 10 to 50 mum, the difference of 90% particle size and 10% particle size is 10 mum or more to 60 mum or less, the average pore size of the refractory mortar cured material is 5 to 25 mum, and the width of pore size distribution is 20 to 80 mum, so that the cracks may be suppressed. More preferably, the bulk density is 0.9 to 1.5 g/cm3.

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