Reuse of fired red ceramic brick waste

Autores: Vieira, C.M.F.|Monteiro, S.N.
Fuente: EPD Congress 2010 . En: TMS 2010 [Cd-rom]: collected proceedings. Warrendale: TMS, 2010.
pp. 719-724

In the county of Campos dos Goytacazes, north of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there is a large production of red ceramic, mainly perforated bricks. A percentage of these bricks are damaged during the firing processing and become a red ceramic waste. This work investigates a possible solution to this environmental problem through the mixture of fired brick wastes, up to 20 wt.%, with clay bodies to produce red ceramics. Cylindrical pressed bodies were fired at temperatures varying from 500 to 1100ºC. After firing, samples were then tested for linear shrinkage, water absorption and mechanical strength. The results showed that brick waste addition did not changed the workability of the clay and that up to 5 wt.% of waste no detrimental effect occurred on the fired properties at all temperatures

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