Reuse of ornamental rock-cutting waste in aluminous porcelain

Autores: Silva, M.A.|Paes, H.R.|Holanda, J.N.F.
Fuente: Journal of environmental management
92 (3), 936-40

Large amounts of solid wastes are discarded in the ornamental rocks industry. This work investigates the incorporation of ornamental rock-cutting waste as a raw material into an aluminous porcelain body, replacing natural feldspar material by up to 35 wt.%. Formulations containing rock-cutting waste were pressed and sintered at 1350 °C. The porcelain pieces were tested to determine their properties (linear shrinkage, water absorption, apparent density, mechanical strength, and electrical resistivity). Development of the microstructure was followed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyses. The results showed that ornamental rock-cutting waste could be used in aluminous porcelains, in the range up to 10 wt.%, as a partial replacement for traditional flux material, resulting in a valid route for management of this abundant waste.

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