The present invention relates to a tile for a roof or the like comprising a tile  body with at least one vacuumed closed space to provide the tile with a thermal  insulation barrier for the maintenance of a more stable temperature within an internal roof area. The tile body is manufactured from recycled glass and  preferably is formed as foam glass containing a plurality of vacuum containing  bubbles. The tile also comprises at least one energy recovery means such as heat absorbing aluminium wafers to provide for heat transfer through conductivity into a hot water supply or voltaic cells to provide for electricity generation.
Light is focused onto the energy recovery device by a profiled translucent  cover. These and other variations provide for a roof tile which is environmentally friendly, easy to install with improved thermal, energy efficient and sound-proofing qualities.

Applicants: Noton Edward Lawrence

Inventors: Noton Edward Lawrence

Publication Number:  20140069036