Roofing product including a ceramic base material and recycled roofing material and a method of forming the same

Solicitante: CERTAIN TEED Corp.
N. de publicación: CA2690638

A method of forming a roofing product can include providing a ceramic base material having an open structure. The method can also include filling the open structure of the ceramic base material with a bituminous material, wherein the bituminous material has no greater than approximately 5 weight % of abrasive particles. The method can further include applying a recycled roofing material adjacent to the ceramic base material after filling the open structure of the ceramic base material with the bituminous material. In a particular embodiment, an open structure of the ceramic base material is filled with a bituminous material that has no greater than approximately 2 weight % of abrasive particles or 0.1 weight % metal content. The recycled roofing material can be applied along one or both sides of the ceramic base material. The bituminous material may have a characteristic particle size that is smaller than a characteristic particle size of the recycled roofing material. In another embodiment, the roofing product having the recycled roofing material can have tear strength characteristics as compared to a different roofing product having a substantially the same construction but having abrasive particles embedded within the ceramic base material.

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