Sintered glass ceramic composites from vitrified municipal solid waste bottom ashes

Autores: Aloisi, M.|Karamanov, A.|Taglieri, G.|Ferrante, F.|Pelino, M.
Fuente: Journal of hazardous materials
137 (1), 1766-1771

A glass ceramic composite was obtained by sinter-crystallisation of vitrified municipal solid waste bottom ashes with the addition of various percentages of alumina waste. The sintering was investigated by differential dilatometry and the crystallisation of the glass particles by differential thermal analysis. The crystalline phases produced by the thermal treatment were identified by X-ray diffraction analysis. The sintering process was found to be affected by the alumina addition and inhibited by the beginning of the crystal-phase precipitation. Scanning electron microscopy was performed on the fractured sintered samples to observe the effect of the sintering. Young–s modulus and the mechanical strength of the sintered glass ceramic and composites were determined at different heating rates. The application of high heating rate and the addition of alumina powder improved the mechanical properties. Compared to the sintered glass ceramic without additives, the bending strength and the Young–s modulus obtained at 20 °C/min, increased by about 20% and 30%, respectively.

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