Spatial distribution of glossiness over the surface polished stoneware tiles

Autores: Sousa, F.J.P.|Olenburg, A.|Aurich, J.C.
Fuente: Interceram
60(3-4), 214-216

The industrial process for polishing floor tiles requires several polishing stages in order to produce the desirable glossiness. This work intends to provide a comprehensive and quantitative description of the distribution of glossiness of porcelain stoneware tiles. The glossiness pattern generated by the polishing process over the surface of 20 tiles, from semi-finished to final polished tile, were presented in grayscale graphics, where each pixel is univocally associated with a portion of the tile surface. Significant differences of glossiness were registered within the surface of the same tile ? especially the gloss values in the boundaries of adjacent tiles, which vary remarkably. A hypothesis was made in order to explain such fact, considering the variation of surface pressure during the polishing process.

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