Structure and colour of cobalt ceramic pigments from phosphates

Autores: Meseguer, S.|Tena, M.A.|Gargori, C.|Badenes, J.A.|Llusar, M.|Monrós, G.
Fuente: Ceram. Int.
33, 843-849

Co3-xFexP2O8+x/2 (0 = x = 2.0) and Fe1-xCoxPO4-x/2 (0 = x = 0.5) compositions were synthetized by the chemical coprecipitation method and characterized by differential thermal analysis and thermogravimetric analysis, X-ray diffraction, UV?vis?NIR spectroscopy, CIE L* a* b* parameters measurements and electronic microscopy. At 1000 °C, Co3(PO4)2 solid solutions (Co3-xFexP2O8+x/2; 0 = x = 0.3) and FePO4 solid solutions (Fe1-xCoxPO4-x/2; 0 = x = 0.02) were obtained. From enamelled samples, the blue colouration is detected when an appreciable amount of Co3(PO4)2 (Co3-xFexP2O8+x/2 samples) or Co2P2O7 (Fe1-xCoxPO4-x/2 samples) is present in powdered samples. These materials develop blue colourations in enamelled samples when 0 = x = 1.0 in Co3-xFexP2O8+x/2 (between 48 and 32 wt.% Co) compositions and when x = 0.30 in Fe1-xCoxPO4-x/2 (=12 wt.% Co) compositions. Fe1-xCoxPO4-x/2 (0.3 = x = 0.5) compositions can be considered to minimize the Co content in blue ceramic pigments.

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