Studies on the reduction of motor vehicles pollution by the use of ceramic materials

Autores: Sugar, I.R.|Banica, M .
Fuente: MODTECH 2010: New face of TMCR, Proceedings. [s.l.]: [s.n.], 2010
pp. 595-598

Ground Transportation emits unbearable noise and polluting substances in the atmosphere. Reduction of noise and chemical pollution from road traffic is a main concern of manufacturers of internal combustion engines. One of the methods used is the use of new materials, among which an important role is taken by the ceramic materials. For the development of high tech technologies is necessary the existence of materials with proprieties and performances according with the new demands, possible to group in the next categories: recent developed metallic alloys, high performance polymers technical ceramics, composites. Among this materials an important place it is represented by the technical ceramics

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