Technological and aesthetic performances of coloured sintered frits

Autores: Raimondo, M.|Dondi, M.|Guarini, G.|Zanelli, C.|Gambi, N.|Cani, E.|Vaccari, A.|Albonetti, S.
Fuente: CFI, Ceram. forum int.
87 (6-7), E43-E46

Coloured frits, obtained by sintering of ceramic pigments with a neutral vitreous phase and utilized in the decoration of ceramic tiles by dry screen printing, were selected and thoroughly characterized in order to evaluate their technological and colourimetric performances. A comparison between their peculiar properties and those shown by coloured frits, currently available on the market and obtained by different processing routes, revealed that sintered frits present more favourable physical performances as well as a greater colourimetric stability which make them the most suitable to be applied as dried powders by dry screen printing techniques.

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