The use of basaltic tuff as a colouring agent in the wall-tile glazes

Autores: Cetin, S.|Kilinc Mirdali, N.|Halefoglu, Y.
Fuente: Silic. Industriels
72 (7-8), 109-112

In this paper, the usage capacity of basaltic tuff, which was collected from Osmaniye region (South Turkey), as a colouring agent in opaque and transparent glazes was investigated. These glazes are commonly used in wall tiles. Many different materials are extensively used in production of ceramic glaze but direct use of raw material, as a colouring agent, is quite rare in Turkey. In order to better understanding the structural evolution of the samples, glazes were fired at 1000°C and 1150°C and the effect of temperature on colour formation was determined. Also thermal microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, colour measurement, water absorption, thermal shock tests have been applied on glaze samples. According to results, it was seen that the basaltic tuff can be used without any problems as a colouring agent which was pale yellow to dark brown in glaze production.

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