Titania slag as a ceramic pigment

Autores: Dondi, M.|Cruciani, G.|Balboni, E.|Guarini, G.|Zanelli, C.
Fuente: Dyes and pigments
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The phase transformations and colouring mechanisms that occur during the ceramic processing of titania slag were investigated using XRF-EDS, XRD, DRS and laboratory-scale application in glazed and unglazed tiles. The slag transforms to pseudobrookite, undergoing a drastic colour change during firing as a consequence of thermal oxidation with Fe2+ to Fe3+ and Ti3+ to Ti4+ reactions. The intense brown colour imparted by titania slag is stable at both low (up to 1050 °C) and high (around 1200 °C) temperatures and is suitable for porcelain stoneware tiles. In through-body application, titania slag enables ?spotting? effects to be achieved.

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