Glaze composition for inkjet printing ceramic tile and manufacturing method of inkjet printing ceramic tile using the glaze

Número de publicación KR101798885 (B1)
Fecha de publicación: 17 de noviembre de 2017

Solicitante: DAE DONG IND CO LTD


(Traducción automática). The present invention relates to a method for producing a glaze layer of a ceramic tile including a ceramic substrate, an embossed layer provided on the ceramic substrate, a glaze layer provided on the upper surface of the embossed layer, and an ink layer printed by inkjet printing on the glaze layer 10 to 20 parts by weight of feldspar powder, 5 to 15 parts by weight of feldspar powder, 10 to 20 parts by weight of alumina powder, 20 to 40 parts by weight of glass frit, 0.1 to 7 parts by weight of zinc oxide (ZnO) powder, 10 to 28 parts by weight of powder, 0.1 to 8 parts by weight of zircon powder and 0.1 to 10 parts by weight of zirconium powder, and a method for producing ink-jet printing ceramic tile using the same. According to the present invention, even if the firing is continued after the application of the inkjet printing ink, the glaze layer maintains the amorphous state and no crystalline phase is formed on the surface of the ceramic tile, and color discoloration occurs in the inks of blue, pink, yellow and black It is possible to stably develop color, improve the uniformity of the glaze layer, improve the ink absorbability of the glaze layer, and is excellent in inkjet printing printing suitability.

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