High reflection glazing

Número de publicación: ES2683895 T3 
Fecha de publicación: 28 de septiembre de 2018

Solicitante: AGC Glass Europe 


The invention relates to a glazing that comprises at least one layer deposited by cathodic spraying under vacuum, said layer containing one or more oxides and a proportion in weight of titanium oxide of at least 40% and not exceeding 95%. The thickness of the layer in question and optionally the thickness of the other layers containing metal oxide is/are selected so that on a clear «float» glass sheet having a thickness of 4 mm, said layer(s) would yield a reflection of at least 15% and a light transmission of at least 60%. The layer or layer system in question further has a mechanical and/or chemical resistance comparable to that of layers produced by pyrolysis for obtaining products having the same kind of optical properties.

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