Medical thermotherapy ceramic tile

Número de publicación: CN207590955 (U)
Fecha de publicación: 7 de octubre de 2018

Solicitante: NIU HONGBO 


The utility model discloses a medical thermotherapy ceramic tile, including last porcelain plate and lower porcelain plate, a plurality of boss hole, every have upward been offered on the porcelain plate all wear to be equipped with the massage post among the boss hole, every still be provided with on the last porcelain plate of boss hole bottom and two endocentric boss hole of a boss hole, just the 2nd boss hole diameter is greater than a boss hole, spacing boss is still installed to massage post lower extreme, install elastic element among the 2nd boss hole, elastic element will spacing bossupwards top is tight, a plurality of heating device are still installed to the porcelain plate bottom surface down. The utility model discloses in, when the user evaporated at steam room sweat, the massage post can have fine massage effect at the compressed by adaptability under the pressure condition, and simultaneously, the sweat can be blockked by lower porcelain plate when sweat evaporates, can not flow under to below the porcelain plate.

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