Droplet deposition head

Número de publicación: JP2019501041 (A)

Fecha de publicación: 17 de enero de 2019



An actuator component for a droplet deposition head 100 includes a plurality of fluid chambers 110 arranged side-by-side in an array, with certain of the fluid chambers being firing chambers, each of which is provided with at least one piezoelectric actuating element 131, 132 for causing droplet ejection from a nozzle for that firing chamber; and a plurality of non-actuable walls (140, Fig.1A), each of which is formed of piezoelectric material and bounds at least one of the firing chambers. Each of the piezoelectric actuating elements is provided with at least a first and a second actuation electrode 151, 152. Each of the non-actuable walls is provided with at least a first and a second isolated electrode 153,154. The first and second isolated electrodes for each non-actuable wall being electrically isolated so that, when fluid within one of the at least one of said firing chambers bounded by that non-actuable wall applies a force Ff to that non-actuable wall, a charge is induced in the isolated electrodes, thereby causing the piezoelectric material of that non actuable wall to apply a force Fw in opposition to the fluid force.

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