Porcelain polished tile with characteristics of rich colors and high hardness, and production method thereof

Número de publicación: CN108238802 (A)
Fecha de publicación: 3 de julio de 2018



The invention discloses a porcelain polished tile with characteristics of rich colors and high hardness. The porcelain polished tile comprises a billet layer and an inkjet pattern permeation layer, wherein the inkjet pattern permeation layer is arranged on the billet layer. The invention further relates to a production method of the porcelain polished tile. According to the present invention, by using the five-channel inkjet printing technology, the permeation ink is introduced, and the porcelain polished tile product production process is optimized, such that the product has the rich colors and is transparent; the product has the high hardness, wherein the Mohs hardness reaches more than grade 6; the wear resistance coefficient reaches 5, and the product can be used for the paving decoration in any places; and the colors of the product are rich so as to meet the individual needs of home decoration customers.

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