Translucent ceramic tile and preparation method thereof

Número de publicación CN107032772 (A)
Fecha de publicación: 8 de noviembre de 2017



The invention discloses a translucent ceramic tile. The tile body blank of the tile comprises, by weight, 52-62% of SiO2, 20-26% of Al2O3, 0-0.1% of Fe2O3, 0-0.2% of TiO2, 5-10% of CaO, 0-1% of MgO, 0.8-2.6% of K2O, 4-7% of Na2O, 0-2% of BaO, 0.3-0.8% of ZnO and 5-10% of ignition loss. According to the translucent ceramic tile and the preparation method thereof, natrolite is used as a main body row material of the ceramic tile body blank and matched with part of fused quartz, frit and feldspar are used as a solvent, and high ball clay and bentonite are used as a binder to achieve the excellent forming property and to solve the problems that current translucent ceramic tiles are poor in plasticity and difficult to form. The prepared translucent ceramic tile is high in light transmittance, volume density can reach 2.15 gram/cubic centimeter in minimum, whiteness is larger than 66 degrees, the usage requirements are met, at the same time, the application range of translucent ceramic tiles is wide, and the translucent ceramic tiles can be separately applied to porcelain glazed tiles and full-body tiles.

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