Utilisation of different types of coal fly ash in the production of ceramic tiles

Autores: Kockal, N.U.
Fuente: Materials and design
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The influence of varying proportions of different types of fly ash (used in place of feldspar) and different sintering temperatures on the sintered properties of ceramic tile bodies was evaluated. The linear shrinkage, water absorption, flexural strength and colour difference of ceramic samples with four different fly ash compositions (5%, 10%, 15% and 20%) that were sintered at two different temperatures (1130 oC and 1190 oC) were determined by a microstructural characterisation of the ceramic samples. The results obtained indicate that sintering ceramic tiles with a high fly ash content at a high temperature caused a decrease in the properties because of the existence of entrapped gases, resulting in bloating. The ceramic samples containing a higher amount of fly ash that were sintered at low temperature exhibited lower water absorption, larger shrinkage and strength because of the densification. These results were obtained in parallel with the microstructural investigation

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