Utilization of steel melting electric arc furnace slag for development of vitreous ceramic tiles

Autores: Sarkar, R.|Singh, N.|Das Kumar, S.
Fuente: Bull. Mater. Sci.
33 (3), 293-298

Steel melting through electric arc furnace route is gaining popularity due to its many advantages, but generates a new waste, electric arc furnace slag, which is getting accumulated and land/mine filling and road construction are the only utilization. This slag has been tried to be value added and utilized to develop vitreous ceramic tiles. Slag, to the extent of 30-40 wt% with other conventional raw materials, were used for the development in the temperature range 1100-1150ºC. The fired products showed relatively higher density with shorter firing range and good strength properties. Microstructural and EDAX studies were also done to evaluate the developed products.

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