Wireless temperature sensor network for kiln in ceramic industry

Autores: Cheng, X.E.|Zhang, Y.L.|Li, J.Y.
Fuente: Yanwen Wu (Ed.) Progress in measurement and texting. Uetikon-Zuerich: Trans tech, 2010. (Advanced materials research; 108-112)
pp. 1217-1222

In the firing of ceramic ware in a household or hobbyist–s kiln, it is important that the end point of a kiln firing run be determined accurately. Overheating may cause damage to both the kiln and its contents. Under-heating may mean that the ceramic ware has been insufficiently fired. So, temperature controller of a kiln is important to control the kiln–s firing, accurate measurement of temperature inside kiln is the first problem that control system must be solved. This paper proposed an engineering solution which apply different temperature sensors at different temperature zone of a kiln, and then compose a wireless temperature sensor network to precisely measure temperature and transfer data in time without more wires on the surface of kin.

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