Patent: US 20140239596 A1. Frit materials and/or method of making vacuum insulating glass units including the same

Número de publicación: US20140239596 A1
Tipo de publicación: Solicitud
Número de solicitud: US 14/269,582
Fecha de publicación: 28 Ago 2014
Fecha de presentación: 5 May 2014
Inventores: Timothy A. Dennis
Cesionario original:
Guardian Industries Corp.

Certain example embodiments relate to frit materials that have an improved IR absorption property. Certain examples relate to frit materials that substantially melt in about 3 minutes at a temperature of about 525° C. Certain examples relate to a method of making an edge seal by using IR energy. Certain examples relate to adjusting the IR energy applied to a frit material to form an edge seal. Certain examples also relate to making a VIG unit by applying IR energy and adjusting the amount of IR energy over multiple periods of time, e.g., in an oscillating manner.

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