Número de publicación: RU2652207 (C1)
Fecha de publicación: 25 de abril de 2018



FIELD: construction.SUBSTANCE: invention relates to construction, namely to devices for laying floor tiles. Technical result is achieved by the fact that device for laying ceramic granite tiles contains mechanisms for gripping and vibrating to tiles, at the same time, it contains storage container corresponding to transverse dimensions of tile, with two vertical conveyors at front and rear, mounted on outside each in corresponding cutouts, with the ability to feed each tile to place of laying, which is mounted on base with driving wheel and drive in front and two removable four-axle hand carts on the sides of wheels in form of thin speared at rim discs with thickness less than seam size, and with base corresponding to the width of the tile, and in front of the base there is mechanism for marking tracks of specified base in form of flat topped frame with drive diamond discs at the ends of collar and height-adjustable support wheel under it, and the ends of balusters are pivotally connected to the front panel of the base, as well as mechanism of automatic supply of solution during movement with spray valve and distribution manifold, at the same time, mechanism of pressing tiles in form of skating rink with its removable extensions on the sides is located as close as possible behind the base and connected through console to drive mounted on its lateral side, and on axis of skating rink heavers are pivotally mounted having slewing limiters around the axis of skating rink, with such discs on the ends and with the same base, in addition, on back side of the base there are two devices for feeding interlayer laths into transverse seams and laser sensor for vertical distance changes, and on lateral side there is programmable tile counter. Use of this device makes it possible to mechanize this complex type of work and has great economic effect due to significant increase in speed of laying ceramic tiles (by 10 times) by two operators.EFFECT: it is possibility to make continuous laying of tile after the next loading.

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