Photochromic materials and method of manufacturing same

Número de publicación: JP2019077799 (A)

Fecha de publicación: 23 de mayo de 2019

Solicitante: 国立大学法人名古屋大学

RESUMEN: (Traducción automática del japones)

The present invention provides an inorganic photochromic substance which is harmless and safe for environmental protection, is stable at high temperature, does not decompose upon firing, exhibits yellowish brown to orange, and exhibits photochromic properties. A photochromic substance is a metal oxide containing cerium (Ce), europium (Eu), and praseodymium (Pr), and a composition formula: Ce1-X-YEuXPrYO2-δ (0 <X ≦ 0.1, It is expressed by 0 <Y ≦ 0.2). In addition, at least a part is a solid solution of a fluorite crystal structure. The photochromic substance changes to a greenish tint upon irradiation with ultraviolet light. [Selected figure] Figure 2

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