Porcelain tile manufacturing for the treatment

Número de publicación KR20180041985 (A)
Fecha de publicación: 25 de abril de 2018



(Traducción automática del coreano al inglés) The present invention relates to a magnetic tile to be installed in a water treatment facility having a maintenance function, and more particularly, to a water treatment facility, for example, a concrete structure exposed to an acid at a sewage treatment plant and an ozone contact point of an advanced water treatment plant, The purpose of the waterproofing is to maintain the waterproof performance by repair process when water is penetrated by the joint by installing the watertightness tile on the surface of the concrete structure. In order to achieve the above object, the present invention provides a tile of a waterproofing material, which is applied to the surface of a water treatment facility to maintain its waterproof performance, comprising a first insertion groove (16) at a predetermined depth in a side surface (13) (12) formed with an opening (18); A tile 10 including a plurality of protrusions 14 protruding at a predetermined height from the lower end of the body 12 to induce stable staking of the tile adhesive 2 due to its sharp tip shape; And the first and second insertion grooves 16 and 18 of the tile 10 so as to maintain a waterproof performance of the tile 10 due to a natural maintenance action when water leakage occurs, (20). & Lt; / RTI & gt;

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